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Membership programs

How to offer membership programs on your store with Subify?

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A membership program can greatly benefit your business. It boosts customer loyalty and provides a steady income. By encouraging frequent shopping and higher spending, it increases Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). It also offers useful insights into customer behavior, improves marketing decisions, fosters community, and reduces marketing costs due to better customer retention.

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What types of Membership can I offer?

Overally, memberships fall into two main categories:

1. Loyalty Memberships

Loyalty memberships are designed to create a rewarding shopping experience. Here, all customers are welcome to shop, but those who choose to pay a small recurring fee for membership are entitled to additional benefits. Amazon Prime is an excellent example of this model. While anyone can shop on Amazon, Prime members, who pay a regular fee, enjoy exclusive advantages like speedy and free delivery.

2. Access Memberships

In contrast to loyalty memberships, access memberships focus on exclusivity. They provide access to services or products only to paid members. A prime example is Netflix, where the content - movies, series, documentaries - is exclusively available to subscribers who pay a recurring fee. This fee may be an all-inclusive one granting access to everything within the platform, or it may be separate from the individual cost of certain services.

Membership Tiers

An important point to keep in mind is the concept of membership tiers. This means that within a single membership system, there can be different levels or grades, each offering a different set of benefits. Netflix again serves as an example here, with its tiered memberships based on the number of screens on which content can be viewed simultaneously.

How to create different Membership programs with Subify?

Creating and managing Membership plans has 3 main components:

  1. Recurring payments:
    This is the essential component of offering membership plans. They not only guarantee regular income to your store but also act as the critical element in delivering special services and benefits to your members, compared to non-members.

  2. Member tagging:
    This is the next vital component in offering exclusive access to members. It's the process of automatically marking and dividing your store members from non-members.

    This function is crucial to define and offer specific benefits to different membership tiers.

  3. Membership Perks:
    This refers to the actual benefits or special features that you, as a merchant, provide to your members.

Subify supports both processing recurring payments and automated tagging. To be able to set up the third component, Membership Perks, you need to use third-party Shopify apps to create the perk you have in mind, like offering discounts on other products, free shipping on all products, restrict access to member-only products, etc.

Follow the link of each membership type you want to create and follow the instructions:

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