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Exclusive Access Membership (Members-Only Access)
Exclusive Access Membership (Members-Only Access)

How to create an exclusive access membership with Subify?

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Creating and managing Exclusive Access Membership plans has 3 main components:

  1. Recurring payments:
    This is the essential component of offering membership plans. They not only guarantee regular income to your store but also act as the critical element in delivering special services and benefits to your members, compared to non-members.

  2. Member tagging:
    This is the next vital component in offering exclusive access to members. It's the process of automatically marking and dividing your store members from non-members.

    This function is crucial to define and offer specific benefits to different membership tiers.

  3. Exclusive Access:
    This refers to limiting your general customer access to member-exclusive content, products, or pages.

Subify supports both processing recurring payments and automated tagging. To be able to set up the third component, Membership Perks, you need to use a Shopify content restrictions app like Lock Smith.

How to create an Exclusive Access Membership with Subify?

Here's an overview of the steps you need to take to create an Exclusive Access Membership program with Subify:

  1. Create your membership product in Shopify

  2. In Subify, create subscription plans for this product.

  3. Customize your membership widget in Subify.

  4. Enable Subify automated Tags management.

  5. Create your access limits with the Lock Smith app.

  6. Customize the customer portal link of Subify.

  7. Place a test order and check everything.

Launch your membership!

  1. Create your membership product in Shopify:

    • Create a product for the membership you want to offer on Shopify:

    • Introduce your membership features on it like the following screenshot.

    • Add multiple variants to the product based on your membership's frequencies or tiers (like Bronze, Gold, Unlimited):

    • Since this product does not have any shipping, from the Shipping section on the product settings, make it a <Digital Product or service>:

    • To only offer this product as a recurring payment (not a one-time purchase), in the product settings, from the <Purchase option> section, select <Only show this product with these purchase options>":

    • Make sure to activate your product.

  2. In Subify, create subscription plans for this product:

    Go to your Subify app panel and create separate subscription plans for each of the variants of this product:
    How to create a Subscription Plan in Subify?

    1. From Subify, go to the Subscriptions Plans tab > Click on Create subscription plan.

    2. Click on Add Product and select the first variant of your membership product.

    3. Click on Add Selling Plan and set the pricing and frequencies for your membership.

    4. Set the <Display Name on Widget> field based on your frequencies or tier names (Tier names like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or even a one-line description of what your membership plan provides customers)

    5. Save the subscription plan and create another subscription plan for the remaining variants.

    6. After Creating all your subscription plans, Subify will automatically add a membership widget to your product page. Go to your product page on your store to check out your membership widget.
      How to manually install the membership widget if it's not showing

  3. Customize your membership widget in Subify:

  4. Enable Subify automated Tags management:

    Enable Subify automated tags for customers to be able to create your access limits in the next step.
    How to enable Subify tags for customers?

  5. Create your access limits with the Lock Smith app:

    Follow this instruction to create locks on different sections of your store like, products, collections, etc, with the Lock Smith app:
    Quick start with the Lock Smith app

    • In the Key that you set for your locks, select <the customer is tagged with> and set the tags based on Subify customer tags:

  6. Customize the customer portal link of Subify:

    Follow this instruction to check the membership portal link on your store's customer account page and customize the link if needed:
    How to customize the customer Portal link?

  7. Place a test order and check everything:

If you need help setting up your Exclusive Access Membership, contact us from the chatbox to connect you with the best subscription experts in Shopify to implement all the details quickly and personalized!

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