Subify Tag Management

How to enable Automated tags for your subscribers and subscription orders?

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Subify can automatically tag each subscriber and their subscription orders.

These tags can be used to categorize your store's products and customer information to improve the organization of your business.

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How to enable Subify Automated Tags?

You can manage these tags through the Subify app> Settings > Tag Management.

What automated tags are available in Subify for orders and Customers?

Order Tags

You can enable 3 types of automatic tags available in Subify for subscription orders:

Subify subscriptions:

When the tag management is enabled, all the orders Subify creates are automatically tagged with "subify subscriptions".

First subscription order:

The first order of a subscription plan gets tagged with "First subscription order"

Recurring order #number:

This tag defines the number of recurring orders in the customer's subscription: Recurring order #1, Recurring order #2, ...

Customer tags

You can enable 5 automatic tags in Subify for your customers(subscribers):

Subify subscriber:

Any customer who's had at least one subscription.

Has Active subscription:

Any customer with an active subscription.

Has paused subscription:

Any customer with a paused subscription.

Has canceled subscription:

Any customer with A canceled subscription.

Note that when you enable any of these tags, they will be applied to your future subscribers/members or subscription orders. Your existing customers and orders won't be updated. You can manually add these tags to your existing customers or use Shopify Automation.

Why should I use Subify Tag Management?

Tags provide a cohesive way for e-commerce websites to enhance communication and marketing tactics. These tags can be used as a medium to integrate Subify into every other app or service that can detect tags:

Organize your inbox with tags

With your selected tags, you can easily filter your subscription orders and subscribers(customers).

You can even save these filters to your inbox to access particular views of your inbox faster and easier.

Check out this gif to learn how to filter and create new views in Order's inbox: ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ

Check out this gif to learn how to filter and create new views in the Customer's inbox: ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ

Email Automation with tags

Another way to use tags for marketing purposes is to select a tag-triggered email that automatically sends an email when a tag is added to a customer's profile. For example, you can set a welcome email for a newly subscribed customer, or communicate your promotions to your subscribers.

You can use Subify tags with any email marketing app, including Klaviyo, Shopify Email, etc.

These Automatic emails can create a friendly brand image and a strong communication network between you and your customers.

Winning back customers with tags

Filter the customers with paused or canceled subscriptions and send them a unique discount code to encourage them to renew their subscriptions. You can use Subify tags with any discount app you currently use.

Loyalty programs with tags

With customer tags, you can filter who should receive notifications and rewards from your loyalty program. For example, creating automation for email notifications for particular rewards when a customer reaches their 5th subscription order. These notifications encourage customers to redeem their points and continue shopping at your store, ensuring their retention and loyalty. You can integrate Subify to your loyalty app using these tags.

Get product reviews with tags

You can create an automated email that asks for the customer's review of the product on their 3rd recurring order. These automated notifications established by tags ensure strong customer service.

Create Member-Only Contents

Using Subify customer tags, you can integrate Subify into content restrictions apps. These apps enable you to create exclusive content for your members(subscribers) on your store. If you are selling a membership program in your store, this may be an essential functionality for your business.

These were just some examples of many functionalities of tags in Shopify. You can use Subify tags with any other service that works with tags and integrate Subify into your preferred apps.

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