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Widget Customization

How to fully customize your subscription widget and add it to other pages of your store?

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After creating a subscription plan, Subify will automatically add a subscription widget to your product page.

You can change and customize your subscription widget from the Widget tab of your Subify panel:

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Customize your widget:

Customize your widget

All the settings related to your subscription widget are available in the Subify app > Widget tab.

1. Choose your widget style:

There are four widget styles available for you to choose from. Select your preferred widget style and simply click on the "View Widget" button to check how it appears on your product page.

2. Customize the content of your widget:

You can customize your widget's content to better match your store's theme and brand tone. To edit the content of your widget, click on the "Customize" button on your selected widget style to open the widget customization page and edit all the available fields.

You can see your changes live on the right section of the screen on the sample widget:

3. Remove Subify Branding from your widget:

You can remove the Subify branding image and link from your subscription widget.

From the widget customization page, click on "Footer" in the left side menu, and disable Subify branding option:

4. Use CSS coding to personalize your subscription widget

If you are familiar with CSS coding, you can apply your code to the Advance section of the widget customization page to have a more personalized subscription widget.

5. Request Widget personalization

You can also request a personalized look for your subscription widget from our support team; like changing the background and border color of the widget to match your theme, the font family, the margins, etc.

Go to the Subify Widget tab, Widget Personalization section, and click on "Request Personalization", and leave the rest to our team๐Ÿ˜Š:

See how personalizing the widget can have a huge effect on your product page:

6. Add your subscription widget to your home page
(Or any other landing page on your store)

You can request adding your subscription widget to a featured product section on your home page or other landings. Then your customers can subscribe to your product directly from your home page and stay updated on your latest products.

To request adding your subscription widget to your landings, go to the Subify Widget tab, Display widget in Homepage section, and Click on "Request for widget":

7. Make your subscription widget multilingual

Follow the instruction in this article to make your subscription widget translatable by any translation app on Shopify:

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