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Shopify Customers

How Subify integrates with Shopify Customers

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When someone subscribes to a product on your store or purchases a membership, Subify will automatically add their information as a new customer to your customer list in Shopify, or if the customer already exists, Subify will update the customer card.

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Shopify Customers

You can access all your customers from your Shopify admin panel > Customers.

The "Orders" column in the table shows the one-time purchase order of your customers. So, if a customer only has purchased a subscription product on your store, and has never purchased any one-time products, the Order number would be 0 for them:

Subscription purchases in the customer profile

When you click on the customer profile, you can see all their product subscriptions, if they have any, in a separate section from their one-time orders. Also, if you click on the "view subscription" link, you will be redirected to its subscription contract in Subify:

Subify Customer tags

If you enable the customer tags from Subify > Settings, Subify will automatically tag customers who purchase a subscription on your store. You can then see that tag in the customer's profile or create a segment based on this tag:

Create customer segments for your subscribers/members

You can create customer segments using the filter option:

To create a segment for all the customers who have purchased a subscription or a membership on your store, follow these steps:

1. Activate the customer tags in Subify > Settings > Tag management.

2. Go to your Shopify admin panel > Customers.

3. From the box on top, click on "filter".

4. Select the "customer_tag contains" filter.

5. Select the tag "Subify Subscriber" or any other tag that you have enabled in Subify.

6. Click on "Apply filter".

7. Choose a name for this segment.

8. Save the segment.

Note that when you enable Subify customer tags, the tags will be set automatically on the customers who will purchase a subscription in the future. Your existing subscriber's profile won't be updated.

You can select this segment, whenever you need it, from the Customer segment on the top left side of the page:

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