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Email Automation for Subscriptions
Email Automation for Subscriptions

How to Set up email marketing automations with Subify triggers

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You can use email automation to keep your customers engaged through their subscription journey. You can set up customized email automation in the Shopify Marketing Automation that sends an email to your subscribers when a specific milestone or action has been met.
You can design your own email marketing automation for subscriptions with the flexibility your business needs.

Note that your store needs to be on the Basic Shopify plan or higher to create automation.

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Where can I access Shopify Marketing Automation?

You can access Shopify Marketing Automation from your Shopify admin panel > Marketing > Automations > Create Automation > Create Custom Automation.

How does Shopify Marketing Automation work?

To create email automation in Shopify Marketing Automation, you need to build a workflow using components called triggers, conditions, and actions.

Workflow component




A trigger is an event that starts a workflow, and can be something that happens in your store or in an app.

A new subscription contract is created in your store.


A condition determines whether an action is taken, based on the conditions that you set.

A condition is set to check whether the total amount paid for the subscription is over $200.


An action is a change that's made to your store or in an app if the condition is met.

If the total amount paid for the subscription is over $200, then a tag is added to the account of the subscriber.

How to create email automation for subscribers/members in Shopify Marketing Automation?

The starting trigger you need to use to create email automation for your subscribers or members is "Subscription contract Created."

The Subscription contract created trigger starts a workflow when a customer subscribes to a product on your store or purchases a membership:

How does the "Subscription contract created" trigger work?

When the "Subscription contract created" trigger is activated, the subscription contract data is automatically imported into the workflow from Subify. For example, a workflow that starts with the <Subscription Created> trigger contains all the information about that subscription contract, including the customer who placed the order, the status of the subscription, billing frequency, products in that subscription, prices, and any other related information in a subscription.

Step-by-Step guide:

  1. In your Shopify admin, go to Marketing

  2. Click on Create Automation and then click on Create Custom Automation.

  3. Add the "subscription contract created" Trigger as your starting trigger.

  4. Click on the + icon on the trigger card and click on Condition.

  5. Choose the condition that you want.

  6. Click on the +icon on the condition card and add an Action.

  7. From the actions, choose Send Marketing Email.

  8. Click on Select Email Template and choose a template from the page.

  9. Customize the email Content.
    (You can test your automation by clicking Send test.)

  10. When you're done editing the email template, click Save to return to the automation workflow.

  11. To start the automation, click on Turn on Workflow. If you exit the workflow before turning it on, then it will save as a draft. You can return to this automation later by selecting it from the Marketing Automation page.

Once your automation is active, click on "Automation" from your Marketing page to see a summary of it and specific analytics.


This workflow checks if the product that the customer is subscribed to is Mocha Latte, and then sends a marketing email to the subscribers who meet this condition:

The following actions can be used in workflows that start with the Subscription contract created trigger:

  • Add customer tags

    Add tags to a customer.

  • Get customer data

    Get data about your customers.

  • Get order data

    Get data about your orders.

  • Remove customer metafield

    Remove a metafield from a customer.

  • Remove customer tags

    Remove tags from a customer.

  • Send internal email

    Send an email notification to your staff.

  • Send marketing email

    Customize your message with a Shopify Email template. This email will send to customers subscribed to email marketing.

  • Sum

    Calculate the sum of items within a list.

  • Update customer metafield

    Add or update a metafield to a customer

  • Update customer note

    Replace the note on a customer.

  • Wait

    Wait for a set amount of time before continuing.

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