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What is your subscriber's experience?
What is your subscriber's experience?

What does the experience of buying a subscription product look like?

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As a customer, this is what the experience of buying a subscription product looks like:

1. The customer visits the "Subscribe and save" landing page of the shop or simply goes to a product page with a subscription. From the purchase option, chooses "Subscription," selects their preferred delivery frequency, and add the product to their cart:

2. After redirecting to the checkout page, the customer can see that the product has recurring payments and can check it's frequency:

3. After filling in the information and continuing to the payment section, the customer has to consent that they understand their order is a subscription and that they agree with its recurring bills:

4. When the payment is final, the customer sees a confirmation of their order. They can login to the portal and check and manage their subscription from the link on this page:

To know more about managing the subscription as a customer, check this article:
How subscribers can manage their subscriptions?

5. Instantly, the customer gets an email from Shopify containing the order information:

6. After each successful payment, an order is created in your Shopify store, and the customer gets another email that allows them to find out the following information as well:

You can test these steps for yourself to get a better understanding of your customer's experience. Check this article and easily test your own shop as a customer:

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