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Manage Subscriptions and Recurring Orders
Manage Subscriptions and Recurring Orders

How you manage and edit your subscription contracts and recurring orders in Subify?

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In this article, you will learn everything about subscription orders, subscription contracts, and how to manage them.

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What is a subscription contract?

When a new customer subscribes to a product on your store, a new subscription contract is created for them in Subify with a unique ID. The subscription contract is an agreement between a customer and a merchant over a specific term for recurring purchases over a set or undefined period of time.

You can access all of your subscription contracts from the Subscriptions tab in the Subify app:

How does Subify create the subscription orders?

When a customer purchases a subscription product, Subify will automatically renew the order on the interval of that product. It means that at every interval, Subify creates a billing attempt for that subscription and sends it to Shopify to process the payment. After Shopify processes the billing attempt. If the billing attempt is successful, then an order is created with the payment status of "paid" in your Shopify admin panel.

All the recurring orders of a subscription are linked to their subscription contract on Subify:

Where can I see all my subscriptions?

You can check and manage your subscriptions by going to your Subify app panel > Subscriptions tab.


In the subscriptions table, you can see all your subscriptions and every necessary detail needed for them.
You can also customize the columns you want to see in the table, by clicking on the "columns" button:

You can also sort the subscriptions based on the "Next Order" date:


You can search for your subscriptions by these variables:

  • Subscription contract ID

  • Customer email

  • Customer name

  • Product title (the product that is in the subscription contract)

  • Variant title (the product variant that is in the subscription contract)


There are 5 different segments on top of the table that filter your subscriptions:

Segment name



Active Subscription contracts.


Subscription contracts that are temporarily paused and are expected to resume in the future.


Subscription contracts that have ended according to the expected circumstances. All billing and delivery cycles of the subscriptions were executed.


Canceled Subscription contracts.

Failed payment

Subscription contracts that their last billing has failed.
Learn more about failed payments

How can I manage my subscriptions?

You can manage and edit any subscription from the subscription contract detail page; search for the subscription you are looking for in the table and click on it.

Each subscription contract contains the following sections:

  • Subscription details:
    Including the product, selling plan, product price, next order, etc.

  • Customer information:
    Including payment method for the subscription, shipping address, and customer portal link.

  • Payment method:
    The payment method information of the customer as well as a link that sends the "update payment method email" to the customer.

  • Billing History:
    All the recurring billing attempts* created for a subscription contract and their final status (successful or failed), as well as any retrial billings for failed payments.

    * Since the first order of the subscription is paid manually by the customer on the checkout page of your store, it does not have a billing attempt in Subify. That's why it is not shown on the billing history table.

  • Subscription Timeline:
    All the events of the subscription contract from the purchase date are in ascending format, including who has made the change, the merchant, or the customer. like changing the status of the subscription and changing or skipping the next order of the subscription.

  • Functionalities to manage the subscription:
    Pause, Cancel, Reschedule, or Skip the subscription.

  • Functionalities to edit the subscription:

    The ability to edit the subscription contract details, like Frequency, billing type(pay-per-delivery or pre-paid), Products/variants in the subscription, the quantity of the products, discounts, and Shipping cost.

Here are the changes you can apply to your subscription contracts from your panel:

  • Changing the status of a subscription

  • Changing the next billing day of a subscription

  • Edit Subscription contract details (product, shipping price, billing type, billing frequency, discount, quantity)

More information on each of these functions is as follows:

Changing the status of a subscription:

Cancel or Pause:

You can cancel or pause a subscription so that your customer no longer gets charged by Subify, by clicking on the Cancel or Pause button in a subscription contract. 

After canceling or pausing a subscription, the status of the subscription contract will change accordingly:

Activate/Resume a canceled or paused subscription:

To resume a paused subscription, simply click on the Resume button on the subscription contract:


To Activate a canceled subscription, click on the Activate button on the subscription contract:

Changing the next billing day of a subscription:

Skip the next billing/order day:

You can see the next billing/order date of a subscription and skip it by clicking on the Skip button next to it:

Reschedule the next billing day:

You can see the next order date of a subscription and reschedule it by clicking on the Reschedule button and selecting your preferred day from the calendar that opens:

Edit Subscription details:

Click on Edit in the Subscription Details section of a subscription contract; from the modal that opens, you can make the following changes to the subscription:

  • Change Billing frequency

  • Change billing type: Pay per delivery or Prepaid

  • Change or remove products

  • Change products discount

  • Change products quantity

  • Change shipping price

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