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How to create, edit, or delete subscription plans in Subify?

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To Offer a recurring payment for a service or a product on your store, you need to create a subscription plan for that product in Subify. To define in what frequencies you want to charge your customers.
Then you need to enable Subify app embed, and Subify will automatically add a subscription widget to the selected products in the subscription plan so that your customer can choose their preferred frequency and subscribe to that product or service:

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How to create a subscription plan in Subify?

Creating a subscription plan in Subify is super easy. Follow these steps to add a subscription payment option to your products:

  1. Go to the Subscription Plans tab, and click on Create Subscription Plan button.

  2. Change the subscription plan name as you wish.
    (plan name is for internal use only and won’t be visible to your customers.)

  3. Click on "Add Products" and select the products or product variants from your store that you want to have a subscription purchase option.

  4. Click on "Add Selling Plan".

  5. Set how you want to charge your customer in the selling plan details.

  6. Set a subscription Discount if you like and reward your subscribers. Or use the New price field to set a manual price for this selling plan regardless of the product price on Shopify.
    (The subscription discount will be applied to all the selected products in the subscription plan)

  7. Edit the "Display name" of this subscription selling plan, if you like. You can also add the selling plan description and edit it based on your subscription program.

  8. Click on "Show Advanced Settings" and check out the Settings of the selling plan and enable the ones you need.

  9. After setting everything in the selling plan, click on "Add".

  10. Add multiple frequencies by clicking on "Add selling plan" again.

  11. Enable the "Free Shipping" option if you like to offer free shipping on the products in your subscription plan, to your subscribers or members only.

  12. Click on Save, and your subscription plan is created! 😍🎉

Understanding all the Selling plan features in Subify

Order Frequency

Define the delivery/order frequency of your subscription.
Ex. every 1 month


Increasing this field allows you to set a pre-paid subscription where customers pay for multiple deliveries/orders upfront.

Display name on widgets

This is the name your customer sees on your subscription widget for this specific selling plan.

Price Options

Modify the price of your subscription selling plan. You can choose the Discount type to offer percentage or fixed discounts on your subscription/membership or Manual Pricing to set a fixed price for your subscription, regardless of the product price on Shopify.

Change discount after specific number of payments

Create a changing discount for your subscription. Offer more discount on the first payments and then decrease it, or vise versa!

Customer can cancel

The number of successful payments after which the customer can cancel or pause their subscription. (including the payment for the first order)

Subscription will expire

The number of successful customer payments after which the subscription expires. (including the payment for the first order)

Select specific day

Billing/delivery day: Schedule recurring payments for specific days. Ensure you also set a cutoff period for your delivery day to prevent the first two orders from being too close.

Postpone the order (Cutoff)

To prevent the first two orders of a subscription from getting too close to each other if a specific day has been set for billing.

How to edit or update your subscription plans in Subify?

Edit or Delete products in a subscription plan:

To add or change a product in your subscription plan, you need to click on the "Add product" button. You can also edit a product from your subscription plan, by clicking on the three dots in front of each product in the subscription plan:

Edit or delete a Selling Plan:

To delete or edit your existing selling plans, you need to click on the three dots in front of each selling plan:

Delete a subscription plan:

To delete an entire subscription plan, open the subscription plan, scroll down to the end of the page, and click on the "Delete Subscription plan" button:

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