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Subscription Box

How to create a subscription box with fixed items bundled together, using Subify?

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A subscription box is a simple subscription bundle: customers subscribe to receive a package regularly, typically monthly, with the same items included each time. Unlike a "Build a Box page", the items of a subscription box are chosen by the merchant and are fixed.

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Benefits of Subscription Boxes

The fixed-item subscription box model offers many advantages. For your business, it simplifies inventory management because you know exactly what will be needed for each box. Customers, on the other hand, enjoy the convenience and consistency. They know what they're getting each month, so if they love the products, they'll look forward to each delivery.

Best Practices of Offering a Subscription Box

When setting up a fixed item subscription box, it's important to include high-quality items that are popular with customers. This isn't just about generating sales; it's about building a brand and a loyal customer base.

Many popular stores have found success with this model, including the Dollar Shave Club, which sends out the same set of razor blades each month, and BarkBox, which delivers a consistent selection of dog toys and treats. Each company has built a strong brand and loyal following through its subscription box services.

Offering a Subscription Box with Subify

You can use 3 methods to create a subscription box with Subify:

If tracking the inventory of each of the items in the box is important to you, you should either use the Quick Checkout Links(method1) or Bundles (method3) to create your subscription box.

1. Create a subscription box with quick checkout links:

If it's important to you to track the quantity of the products in your subscription box, you can use Quick Checkout Links to create your subscription box. Follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to add similar selling plans to the individual products in your subscription box.
    (If you don't want to sell individual products as a subscription, you can create a copy of the products in your subscription box and create the subscription plans for the copies, and remove these copy products from your collections so that they don't get recognized on your store)
    โ€‹How to remove my active subscription products from my store so my customers can't see them?

  2. Then create a Quick Checkout Link and add all the products of your subscription box to the link.
    (if you want to have multiple frequencies for your subscription box, you need to add all the products with the same frequency to one Quick Checkout Link and create separate Links for each frequency.)

  3. Now you can create a landing for your subscription box on your store and add these links to your call-to-actions(buttons). Or share your subscription box's link in your upselling or promotional emails.

Click on this sample subscription box quick checkout link from our demo store to better understand how it works:

-The Password is 1234. Click again on the link after logging into the store-

2. Create a subscription box by offering it as a new product on your store:

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a product and introduce your subscription box details on it, like the following screenshot:

Click on this sample subscription box product on our demo store to better understand how it works:

-The Password is 1234. Click again on the link after logging into the store-

2. Set the price of this product to the total price of your subscription box and not the individual items included in the box.

3. In Subify, create a subscription plan for this new product and add selling plans for it.

4. If you want to offer your subscription box only as a subscription, follow the steps in this guide, to remove the one-time purchase option.

5. Customize your subscription widget appearance from the Widget tab of Subify, or contact us to do it for you totally free!

3. Create a Subscription Box with bundles:

You can integrate Subify with the Fast Bundle app and create a Subscription Box using a "product mix-and-match" bundle. Please follow these instructions:

  1. From the FastBundle app, create a Product Bundle.

  2. Add all the products you want to include in your subscription box.

  3. Add this bundle as a product.

Your Subscription Box is ready!

* You can also add this bundle under each product's page that is included in the bundle, or add it to the Bundle page.

Here's a sample Subscription Box with bundles on our demo store:

-The Password is 1234. Click again on the link after logging into the store-

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