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Migrating to Subify with Stripe payment method
Migrating to Subify with Stripe payment method

Initial steps you need to take if your existing subscription are using Stripe payment method.

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If you are using Stripe custom checkout for your payments, you should contact your previous subscription app and request to convert your payments to Shopify payments.

If you are unable to ask your previous subscription app for the conversion, we can handle the conversion process. However, there are some steps you need to take before the migration process. 


  • During the migration process, you must have access to the Stripe account that has your previous customer payment methods on it.

  • You must enable at least one of the eligible payments method for subscription on your store.


Before migrating your subscriptions to Subify, you need to take these steps:

  1. Unauthorize your previous subscription app from your Stripe account:

    You can revoke the access of a platform at any time from the Settings > Authorized applications area of your Stripe Dashboard. More info

  2. Connect your Stripe account as a secondary payment gateway in Shopify:

    To connect your current Stripe account to Shopify as a secondary gateway, in the following URL, replace the {shop} with your store's domain and open the link in a new tab:{shop}/payments/legacy_subscription

    You will be redirected to Stripe and asked to initiate the connection process. After you successfully initiate the connection process, you will be redirected back to the payment settings page, and a banner will notify you of a successful connection.

  3. Add customer's Stripe-id to your migration data:

    If you need us to convert Stripe payments to Shopify payments, you should add a new column called stripe_id and include your Stripe customer ID in your migration template. The customer's Stipe id looks like this format:  cus_9s6XKzkNRiz8i3

If you are migrating from the Recharge app, you don't need to take any actions regarding the Stripe-ids.

To export customer IDs from Stripe, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Customers section of your Stripe dashboard:

  2. Use the upper-right Filter button as needed, based on whatever parameters you’d like to build the list on.

  3. Click the export button in the upper right corner.

  4. In the pop-up that appears, set your preferences: the time zone, date range, and columns to include in the export. (Include IDs, customer name and email)

  5. Export the selection.

Next Actions:

Now, you can proceed with the migration process from the settings of Subify. To understand the migration process, please read these articles:

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