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How to create a Build-a-Subscription-Box page with Subify?

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A "Build-a-Box" page allows customers to create their own personalized subscription box. It lets customers pick and choose the specific products they want to be included in their subscription box, as opposed to pre-curated boxes where the items are selected by the business.

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Why should I offer a Build-a-Box subscription on my store?

  1. Personalization: By allowing customers to choose what goes in their subscription box, you're offering them a personalized shopping experience, which is a major selling point. Customers appreciate the ability to control what they're paying for and are more likely to enjoy their purchases.

  2. Increased Customer Retention: When customers have the ability to customize their subscription box, they are more likely to stay subscribed because they can continually modify the box to fit their current needs or desires.

  3. Better Customer Engagement: A "Build-a-Box" model encourages more interaction with your online store as customers explore different products to add to their box. This increased engagement can lead to a deeper connection with your brand and its products.

  4. Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities: With a Build-a-Box page, customers might discover and add more products that they wouldn't have found or considered otherwise, thereby increasing the average order value.

  5. Reduced Inventory Risk: With pre-curated boxes, there's a risk of overstocking certain items that aren't as popular. But with a "Build-a-Box" option, you can more easily adapt to the demands of your customers, which can lead to more efficient inventory management.

  6. Unique Value Proposition: Offering a customizable subscription box can differentiate your business from competitors who only offer fixed, pre-curated subscription boxes. This could make your business more appealing to potential customers who value the flexibility and personalization that a "Build-a-Box" service offers.

How to create a Build-a-Box page with Subify?

To be able to create a Build-a-Box page, you need to integrate Subify with the Fast Bundle app and create your Build-a-box page using a "product mix-and-match" bundle. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Create the same subscription selling plan in Subify for all the products you want to have on your Build-a-box page.
    ​How to create subscription selling plans in Subify?

  2. From the FastBundle app, create a Product Mix and Match bundle.

  3. Add all the products you want your customer to choose from in their subscription box.

  4. From the right side menu of your bundle, enable this bundle on the Bundle page of copy the code, and add it to any page you want.

  5. You can customize this bundle page from your Online store > pages.

Your Build a Box page is ready!

Here's a sample Build-a-Box page on our demo store:

-The Password is 1234. Click again on the link after logging into the store-

How to change the design of my bundle modal from horizontal to vertical?

To make the bundle modal vertical, you can go to settings in the FastBundle app > in the Design section, click on "Customize" > from the top menu, choose "bundle pages" > choose "product mix and match" from the left side menu > > click on design > set the design on "Vertical"

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