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step2: Raise Awareness on Your Store
step2: Raise Awareness on Your Store

Tips to promote your new subscription plan on your store and start increasing your recurring revenue.

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Congratulations, launching a subscription plan in your Shopify store is an exciting step in growing your business. But now you need to get the word out and let your customers know that you offer subscriptions.

Promoting your subscription plan opportunity can be a great way to increase sales and recurring revenue. Data shows, promoting your subscription plan on your store can lead to a 43% higher conversion rate and increased recurring revenue. 
The more effort you put in, the more users will notice and understand your products, leading to higher customer engagement.

Here are some easy yet effective ways to let your customers know about your subscription business:

1. Add a section about your subscriptions on your home page for new visitors

Make sure the section you add to your home page has the right call to action. Your call to action should be short, encouraging, and to the point, so that visitors are easily inclined to click and make their way to the subscription product page. Use visuals like icons and photographs to highlight why they should take action quickly.

2. Put your subscription product in the featured collection section on your home page

Add a featured collection section to your store's homepage and promote your subscription product as one of your best-selling items. That way, customers can easily find this product and get triggered to subscribe.

3. Add your subscription product as a featured product section to your home-page

Customers can sign up for subscriptions directly from your home page and stay updated on your latest products.

In order to add the subscription widget to your featured product section, you can contact our support team from the Subify app. We will be happy to assist you.

4. Add a section about your subscriptions on the most viewed pages of your store

Creating a powerful banner and placing it on the traditionally most viewed pages of your store can help draw attention to your subscription plan.

To determine the pages which are most viewed, you can use the analytics tab of your Shopify admin.

Ensure the banner is prominent and describe the key benefits of your subscription in a clear way. Include a link to the product page or your subscription landing page so that when customers click the banner, they can easily navigate to the page where they will see all the details.

5. Use a static header to promote your subscription plan

Adding a static header link to your existing navigation menu can help bring more impact and highlight the subscription plan to all visitors. Beyond the general call to action urging website visitors to subscribe, the static header should act as a bridge between the navigation menu and the subscription page. It should be easily noticed and prompt visitors to take the next step and explore your subscription further.

6. Create a separate "Subscribe & Save" landing page to promote your subscription

Create purposeful and appealing landing pages that describe your subscription in detail and emphasize its value. This can be a great step to capture the attention of your visitors. Think of creative messages and visuals that speak to potential customers. Place relevant call-to-action links which can take visitors directly to the product page or a special page to further explore and discover the subscription plan.

Things to Consider

- Always include a call to action to redirect your customers to the product page that has a subscription

- Keep messaging short and emphasize the true value of what you are offering

- Try using an incentive to sweeten the pot and draw in new subscribers, such as limited-time or usage discounts, free shipping for the first 10 subscribers, or other special offers.

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