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Multi-lingual subscription widget

How to translate your subscription widget content with your translation app?

Updated over a week ago

In order to have a multilingual subscription widget, your store's theme must be Online Store 2.0 compatible. All new themes added to the Shopify Theme Store are Online Store 2.0 compatible. However, if your store is using an older theme or an older version of a theme, it’s possible that this is not Online Store 2.0 compatible.

To make your subscription widget translatable, you need to enable the "Shopify wording translation" option from the Subify widget wrapper block. Please follow these steps:

1. From your Shopify admin panel, open Online Store > Theme and Click on the "Customize" button to open your theme editor.

2. From the top menu, click on Products and select your subscription product template.

3. Open the Subify widget wrapper block from the left side menu.

4. Enable the "Use Shopify wording translation" option.

Note that by enabling this option, the Widget customization is only available from the Subify widget wrapper block and you can no longer customize the widget from the Subify panel > Widget tab.

5. Customize the wording of your widget from the Subify widget wrapper block.

Now your subscription widget's content is recognizable by your translate app. Go ahead and translate them!

Some translation apps may not support this setting, if you face any issues, please contact our support team via the app chatbox.

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