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Use Shopify Collabs to grow your customer base
Use Shopify Collabs to grow your customer base

Partner with creators, influencers, and affiliates to share your brand with new & engaged audiences to drive more sales

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"If you don’t already have partners lined up, Shopify Collabs is a great place to start!"

It's more expensive than ever to find and engage shoppers who are ready to buy. With rising customer acquisition costs and declining return on ad spend, it's important to create connections with high-value customers and nurture them over time.

As businesses explore new and creative marketing solutions, creators and influencers have become some of the most effective tools for reaching new audiences. That's why Shopify has launched Shopify Collabs, a free-to-install all-in-one tool to help you discover and build a community of creators who can promote your products authentically to their fans and followers, and help drive more sales, all from one place within your Shopify admin.

Using Shopify Collabs you can:

Search millions of creators to find ones who align with your brand.

Send creators products and discounts right from your Shopify store.

Create unique discount codes and referral links to track sales driven by creators.

Easily track and pay affiliate commissions through PayPal.

Where can I access Shopify Collabs?

It's easy to set up and use Shopify Collabs. First, install it from the Shopify App Store, and the guided onboarding will help you set up a branded application page for your community.

How does Shopify Collab work?

1. Create an application page to find creators and influencers

First, you need to set up a branded application page for your community in Shopify Collabs. The application gathers key information like emails and social media accounts.

2. Search for creators and influencers

You can also search for creators who can be a strong brand fit and discover them using filters like location, keywords, hashtags, social media engagement rates, and total followers.

3. Review your applicants

As creators start applying, review and approve the ones you like. Once you have creators approved as members, set up groups, gifts, and affiliate tiers to streamline relationship management.
Sort your creators into thematic or demographic groups to help you plan and execute campaigns.

4. Send gifts to creators and influencers

You can send gifts to creators in your community right from Collabs, and they can experience your products and start creating authentic content. Select the products you want to offer and send them directly through the app.

5. Run affiliate programs with creators and influencers

Incentivize creators to promote your products by making them affiliates so they can share exclusive discounts with their audience and earn commission on sales. You can also set up multiple affiliate tiers to quickly assign creators a pre-configured discount and commission rate that you manage easily.

6. Manage the commissions

When creators start earning commissions, you can track conversions and manage payments directly from the app. Monitor and analyze the performance of your affiliate program with in-depth reporting tools to optimize your approach over time.

Building authentic relationships with creators who truly love your products is a great way to share your brand with new and engaged audiences and drive more sales. Start building your community today with Shopify Collabs, and watch your business grow!

For more detailed information about Shopify collab features and functionality, please visit Shopify help center.

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